Welcome to EDG

EDG was founded by a group of dentists who believe in clinical excellence and strive to deliver the best possible experiences for their patients. This is the core framework to maintain a highly successful practice.

This has been achieved through years of training and education and a network of support, which is what our team bring to each surgery in a form of a partnership. Not all surgeries are the same and neither is the way we treat our partners.

Our team appreciates each of the surgeries for their strengths and success and understands that all practitioners are seeking different goals, which we will continue to respect to achieve growth.

Our team is filled with highly qualified dental professionals and are always continuing to grow and acquire the latest skills and knowledge in all aspect of the dental industry. We have the resources to take your entire practice to the next level.

Our executive team are always available to meet with you and discuss what a partnership with EDG will do for yourself and for your practice.

With flexible partnerships and post-sale contracts this might be what you have been waiting for.

EDG – Founded by dentists for dentists!


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If you want to be a a part of EDG or you want to use our brand (franchise) please fill the form and apply. Our executive team will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!